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With video games, TV shows and other forms of distraction, it can be difficult to get children to exercise. Nonetheless, we want to make physical exercise a priority for them. A lack of exercise can lead to weight gain, coordination issues, bone problems, and more. Therefore, on the subject of fitness, parent leadership is vital. The question is: how do you get your children moving? There are several things you can do to promote exercise for your children. Here are some of the best methods for staying active. 

Break Out the Jump Ropes

Getting kids to run or walk for exercise isn’t easy. It’s not a lot of fun and therefore doesn’t hold most kids’ interest. For this reason, the exercise activities you choose should have an element of excitement to them. 

One such activity is jump roping. Jump ropes can be used for all sorts of fun games. Whether it’s challenging each other to see who can do the most jumps in a row or engaging in games of double dutch, jump roping can inspire hours of care-free exercise for children. 

Buy a jump rope for your children, show them how it’s done, and, with any luck, they’ll be engaging in the activity for years to come. 

Have a Game of Kickball

If you have a large group of kids to work with, you can hold a couple games of kickball. Kickball is a fun game for people of all ages but tends to truly appeal to young children. It’s fun, exciting, and competitive, and yet just about everyone is talented enough to meaningfully participate. 

You can play a game of kickball with as few as 6 kids: 3 on one team and 3 on another. Get the gang together and teach them the rules. The chances are high that they’ll end up enjoying themselves. 

Do Yoga

This one might be a tough sell for some kids, particularly those who struggle to stay in one place or follow directions. But if your children are relatively disciplined, they might be interested in doing yoga. 

Yoga can be done just about anywhere, whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in between. Start slow with simple poses and then build up the complexity over time. Act as the head yogi and — who knows — your kids might develop a legitimate interest that goes on into their teen and adult years. 

Set Up an Obstacle Course

Another way to get exercise for kids is to set up an obstacle course. Then, you can time your kids as they go through the course, having them compete against one another. 

You don’t need a lot to make this happen. Any old object can be used as a barrier or something to jump over, or otherwise. Just create a fun and challenging course and let your kids run wild.

Soon enough, they’ll be building their own obstacle courses and you’ll rarely ever have to worry about them getting exercise again. 

Buy a Fitness-centered Video Game

Video games aren’t all about sitting motionless in front of a TV. Some of them do a great job of inspiring fitness. Consider buying some of these and letting your kids have a go. 

Some of the best fitness-related video games of 2021 include Wii Sports, Ring Fit Adventure, and Beat Saber. However, there are many more out there as well. 

Yes, they’ll cost you a bit of money. But it could be a small price to pay in order to get your kids moving around a bit. 

Have a Dance-a-thon

Though it’s not true of them all, many kids enjoy dancing. And you certainly don’t need to take parenting classes to show your kids how to dance. Just move around a bit and encourage them to do the same. 

Then, put a little structure around the activity by arranging something of a dance-a-thon. Have a playlist prepared, consider displaying visual effects, and make a real event out of it. 

If you can keep your kids dancing for an hour or so, they’re sure to burn some calories. 

Take Out the Hula Hoops

Another fun way to get kids exercising is to take out the hula hoops. Hula hooping is just challenging enough to get kids hooked. And once they’ve perfected the technique, they’ll want to do it constantly. 

The best part is that a hula hoop costs almost nothing to buy. In fact, you can find cheap hula hoops for as little as $2.

Play Basketball

Basketball is one of those games that just about anyone can enjoy. Once kids get the hang of it, basketball provides the type of simple fun that can be addicting. 

Whether they’re shooting hoops on their own or are engaging in a full-speed game with others, they usually have a great time. 

If you want a great way to inspire fitness in your children, invest in a basketball hoop. You can find a cheap one for as little as $100. 

Staying Active Is Vital

With children, staying active is vital. Their physical and mental health depends on it. 

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How To COVID-Quarantine With Kids
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