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Remembering to sign a consent form is half the battle of a field trip. Most of us have fond memories of field trips. There was always an air of excitement around piling into a bus with your friends and having an excuse to bring along fun snacks for the day. Plus, you got to skip out on sitting at a desk all day! Due to most of the world being isolated and online lately, many kids aren’t able to go on field trips right now. The internet has saved us all with some great virtual field trips for kids.

If you’re looking for something educational to keep your kids entertained, check out the below 7 ideas for virtual field trips. They’re bound to love the adventure!

1. Hop On a Rollercoaster

One of the best virtual field trips for kids is a visit to a theme park. You don’t have to worry about piling the family into the car, packing the sunscreen, or spending a ton of money on park snacks. 

There are plenty of options depending on where your child wants to visit. Hop on over to YouTube and search for videos that show off Disneyland in California, Busch Gardens in Tampa, or Cedar Point in Ohio.

Amusement park videos are great ways to provide excitement when quarantining with kids. To add to the excitement, set up kitchen chairs in a row like a rollercoaster. Throw your hands into the air, and scream when you zoom downhill.

2. Explore Space

Have your kids ever wanted to go to the moon? Are you discussing the solar system in your homeschooled science lessons? There are plenty of NASA virtual field trips you and your little astronauts can take together. 

Blast off to the moon, explore the International Space Station, or check out an awesome rocket. Space field trips offer science facts and stimulating imagery. 

To complement your space field trip, chat about the planets with your kids. Grab some styrofoam balls and paint from the craft store and make your own planets at home. 

3. Visit an Art Museum

Once the pandemic started, tons of art museums started offering virtual tours of their galleries. Famous museums offering virtual tours include the Guggenheim, the National Gallery of Art in D.C., the Van Gogh Museum, and the MASP.

Interactive virtual field trips to internationally famous museums are great ways to introduce your children to cultures and art from all over the world. If you’re teaching social skills to your kids, talk about museum etiquette. 

4. Learn About Nature and Conservation

Because many of us are stuck inside, bring the outdoors into your home by checking out virtual trips with the Nature Conservancy. Make sure to pack some bug spray or your swimming goggles!

Kids can swim underwater to discover the creation of coral reefs or hop into a virtual canoe to check out a coastline. They may catch a glimpse of their favorite animals along the way. 

While they explore the outdoors, they’ll also be learning more about conservation efforts and climate change. Learning how we can better help our planet can be fun.

5. Meet Some Animals

Watching the wonder on your child’s face as they walk into a zoo or aquarium is priceless. Bring that same feeling into your home by checking out virtual zoo and aquarium field trips. 

The San Diego Zoo, National Zoo, and Cinncinati Zoo all offer virtual visit opportunities. As your kids virtually explore, have them identify the animals. See if they can make sounds just like the animals for some extra fun. 

Are your kids interested in awesome sea creatures? Check out to see what all the National Aquarium has to offer for virtual visitors. Don’t let the sharks grab a bite of your lunch sandwich.

6. Travel Back in Time

History buffs rejoice! There are tons of free virtual field trips to take you on a blast to the past. 

Google Maps offers a close-up view of the Pyramids of Giza. Take a look as you learn about ancient civilizations with your kids. Talk about hieroglyphics, the wonders of the Nile, and ancient Egyptian religion. 

If you’re learning about American history, check out a virtual trip about the American Revolution. You’ll have the chance to explore a battle with 360-degree capability. 

The United States Holocaust Museum also offers virtual trips for students. While the content is heavy, learning about events such as the Holocaust is important in world history. 

7. Listen to Music

Many concert halls and symphonies from all over the world are offering virtual visits and tours. Your kids will get the chance to listen to music from all over the world, and these visits can aid in instrument identification. 

The Google Arts & Culture platform offers a great tour of 11 stages across the world, including stages in Moscow, New York City, and Vienna. To make it more fun, dress up for the occasion in your own living room.

Create a Kit

To get your kids exciting about their big visit, create a travel kit for the big day. Grab a suitcase or any other box. Collect some items they may need along the way. 

Items can include binoculars for exploring the outdoors or swimming goggles for diving underwater. Pack some sunscreen for a theme park, and don’t forget to have some fun snacks ready to go!

If you’re visiting a museum or orchestra, pack a fancy outfit and a camera. You can even pack some art supplies for your kids to recreate their favorite painting they see. 

Explore Within the Comfort of Your Home: Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Staying inside too much is such a bummer. Shake things up by preparing virtual field trips for kids. 

Dive deep into the ocean to check out corals, or grab your spacesuit for a quick visit to the moon. You can also ride rollercoasters, visit some animals, and watch a symphony. 

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