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Are you new to parenting? Or have you been a parent for awhile but hit a wall about how to handle challenging behavior? Do you think you could benefit from a parent mentor?Parenting can be an overwhelming experience. And, while your friends and family may mean well, their judgemental advice may be the last thing you need. This is where parent mentoring comes in.

A more experienced parent will provide knowledge, advice, and coaching that will help you incorporate the latest techniques into your own parenting style. Here’s what you need to know.

Parent Mentor Training

A parent mentor can talk with you about the aspects of parenting that are frustrating you the most. Your child may refuse to listen, or maybe they become quite frustrated when it’s time to complete their homework. 

An experienced parent mentor can help you describe the behaviors you are experiencing with your child. They can then help you uncover the reasons for that behavior in a non-judgemental way.

For example, your child may be trying to avoid schoolwork because they feel incapable of doing a good job. The right parent mentor will help you come up with a plan tailored towards your situation that will help you make your child feel understood and improve their performance.

Would your child benefit from more positive language and support? Would it benefit both of you to spend more time communicating rather than testing each other’s wills? Are there ways you can motivate your child using positive methods without raising your voice?

Your mentor should be someone who understands the frustrations you’re facing. The right mentor won’t make you feel like a bad parent. Instead, they’ll be able to provide tips and techniques that give you insight and get you started down a successful, and less stressful, road of parenting.

The Benefits of Parent Mentoring

Using a parenting mentor helps develop confidence in your parenting skills more quickly. It often takes parents years to learn things a mentor can teach them in a few minutes. 

The right mentor can expose you to new ways of thinking and problem-solving. A change in your child’s diet, screen time, or sleep schedule, for example, could solve a number of problems that hours of consequences can’t help. A good mentor can help you think outside the box and parent from a positive perspective. 

As parents, we are often getting feedback from the wrong people. A well-meaning, but judgy mother, for example, may tell you that you need to be more strict. Or your friends may tell you to loosen up and stop worrying so much.

With a mentor, however, you’ll be getting professional advice from someone you trust. Since your mentor may not be as personally involved in your life, they won’t be overbearing as they point out ways you can improve your situation. Mentors provide clear, effective feedback with realistic goals that can get you on your way to success in no time.

As a struggling parent, your worries may be compounded by the fact that you have no one to confide in. Isolating yourself can be a result in depression and anxiety. This can, in turn, make parenting even more difficult.

With a parent mentor, you’ll have someone you can talk out your problems with and not worry about judgment. This can help alleviate any feelings of pressure and help you put your problems in perspective. A clear mental state will help you as you move forward.

Great Advice

Parent mentoring can help you with more than just behavioral problems.

You may, have trouble putting your child on a sleep schedule. Or you may need help improving your child’s hygiene skills. Or perhaps you need help with budgeting or getting cooperation from others in your home to assist with the chores.

We all have unique needs and concerns as parents. Some of us work outside the home, and others are full-time, stay-at-home parents.

The right mentor can customize your plan so it will fit in easily with your schedule. They’ll also personalize the plan so that your natural strengths can shine and your relationship with your child becomes stronger.

Your mentor may show you how to plug in with local schools and community groups so you can continue growing as a parent. There may be educational specialists, therapists, or nutritionists who can help you along the way. And your child’s school and peer group can go a long way toward making sure the changes you see in them will last.

Finding the Right Parenting Mentor

When you’re looking for a mentor, you can ask friends or family members whose opinion you trust. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Was the mentor empathetic? Was their plan easy to follow? Did they try to tailor the parenting plan to the individual’s needs?

You can also look online and read reviews from former clients. See if others found the service beneficial. Try also checking with your local churches or schools for some recommendations.

How to Get the Best Help

Parenting is a noble and difficult journey. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when your children resist you. With the right parent mentoring, however, you can get the support, advice, and encouragement you need to be a successful and happier parent than you ever thought possible.

For highly recommended parent mentors, contact us today. 

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