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The past year-plus has not been easy on the world’s youth. In fact, 168 million children have not been in school for an entire year or more. For many, this means they are missing out on friends and other extracurricular activities. Birthday parties are made even more difficult by the pandemic. No longer can children simply invite their entire class over to celebrate. Birthday venues across the country are closed or limited by the pandemic. You can still make your child’s pandemic birthday a great one. Read on to learn how to host your child’s birthday at home during a pandemic.

Explore parenting advice and positive parenting solutions for navigating these challenging times.

Get Over It

The first step in celebrating your child’s birthday is getting over the pandemic. Of course, we are not talking about ripping your mask off and throwing a huge party. Instead, the point is accepting how society has temporarily changed and adjust to it.

By complaining about the pandemic, you are only highlighting the negative to your children. The best way to approach it is by shining a light on how the pandemic has improved family life.

Maybe you can’t have a big birthday bash at an amusement park or bounce house. However, you may find that the pandemic has increased the amount of quality family time you have. Family game or movie nights have replaced chaotic evenings at a busy venue.

The key is to embrace parenting books like “Parenting Without Giving a F^ck.” It is what it is as it relates to Covid-19 and positive parenting solutions are the best recipe. Stressing out over the new normal is only going to filter down to your children.

Move Outdoors

Now that we have had a pep talk, it is time to plan an epic pandemic birthday party. One of the safest ways to host a birthday party is by moving outdoors. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and state governments agree that outdoor venues are safer than staying in. This is why recommended capacity limits are much higher in outdoor settings.

As weather permits, you can comfortably move your child’s party to the backyard or a park. This spreads the party out and makes it easier to social distancing.

It also gives you a ton of flexibility for party ideas. For example, you can now throw an animal-themed party and bring in real animals to entertain the children.

You could rent a massive outdoor projector and screen. Then host an outdoor movie night with popcorn and other fun snacks.

Some parents are combining this idea with an old-fashioned pool party. Think about how cool it would be to play Jaws on your projector screen while the children play in the pool?

Use Technology

In today’s digital era, a person does not have to be physically present to attend a birthday party. During a pandemic, it is not wise to bring grandparents around a group of any size. The good news is that you can use technology to make their presence known.

For starters, you can set up a Zoom video call to invite them directly into the party. This way, beloved family members can still sing happy birthday. They can also watch the children open their gifts.

At-risk family and friends may also decide to pre-record a happy birthday message. You can bring it up on the big screen using Facebook or YouTube. Your children will get a kick out of seeing their loved ones on the television.

Birthday Parades

Birthday parades were one of the coolest trends to come out of 2020. When the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak in the United States, many parents turned to birthday parades to celebrate their children.

Here, friends and family would drive by and drop off their gifts. Cars would line up and down the street for their chance to see the birthday boy or girl. Children were often mesmerized by the long lines and it demonstrated how loved they were.

Now that the weather is warming up, your birthday parade can go on foot. Play some music at the end of the driveway and allow your loved ones to parade down the sidewalk.

Yes Day

Another trendy idea is to have a “Yes Day.” This idea is so popular that Netflix even made a movie about it.

Parents get far too comfortable saying no to their children every day. The concept behind a “Yes Day” is that parents drop the word no from their vocabulary for the child’s birthday.

As long as the request is not dangerous or against the rules, the parents are required to say yes. This is a fun way to give children some independence and control on their birthday. They can eat or go wherever they want.

Some parents are using a “Yes Day” as an incentive for achieving certain milestones. Perhaps they ask the child to do their chores for a month straight without a parental reminder. Regardless of the strategy, a “Yes Day” is a great way to celebrate a pandemic birthday.

Spa Days

Spas and salons are two businesses hit hard by the pandemic. Due to the close human interaction, many are closed and cannot safely open.

One fun idea is to have a spa birthday. Now, you can bring the manicures and pedicures home. Buy massagers to pamper the children and make them feel special.


Camping is another thing you can safely do during a pandemic. How cool would it be to pitch a tent in the backyard and sleep under the stars? 

You do not need an overpriced campground to throw a camping birthday. The best thing about nature is that it is free.

Keys to Holding a Memorable Birthday at Home

The best parenting advice is to let go of things beyond your control. Holding a traditional birthday party for your child is not in the cards right now.

Our parenting classes teach us to care less and make the most out of the situation. Having a spa day or backyard campout is safe and memorable.

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